Managed IT support agreements

Managed Services are defined by Phoenix Austec as the proactive management of an IT environment to ensure the best amount of uptime, efficiency and performance for a fixed monthly cost.

Having a managed service agreement in place gives you a virtual in-house IT department for just a fraction of the cost of one fulltime IT employee.
Why are Phoenix Austec Care Managed Service Plans better than “break-fix?”
With SMB’s becoming more reliant on IT than ever before, the traditional “break-fix” approach is no longer relevant or cost effective.

Break-fix is a reactive way to approach IT.  This generally means that when your IT provider is at your site, your work has become impeded, interrupted or simply non-existent due to the errors and problems that have occurred.  When they leave, they have most probably fixed just the problem that has surfaced.  More than likely, this issue will continue to cause problems, either silently behind the scenes, or persistently, costing you every time to have the issue resolved.

Managed Services give a fresh new approach which leaves the “break-fix” model lagging far behind.  Managed Service models are based on a proactive approach, meaning that we get to things before you have the headache of it being broken.  This increases uptime dramatically, as we can schedule work during your quiet times or even after hours so there is no interruption for staff.  And that problem that has been causing you constant issues; is now a thing of the past, because now your system is being correctly attended to.  It has a technician logging in daily to find any issue, so we can fix it before you even knew it was there!

Not only does a Managed Service improve your IT system, with a Phoenix Austec Care Plan, you can accurately plan your IT expenditure for the year as we offer a fixed monthly cost.  And as we have 3 different plans, we can meet the needs of your business.

Having a Phoenix Austec Care Plan means that you can get on with your business and leave the IT to the experts!

Supplemental consulting for existing IT departments

Supplemental care is a tailored solution to enhance and support an existing IT department, not replace them! All of our qualified technicians have had extensive experience either working in or running an IT department, so they have a vast knowledge of what is needed and expected from outsourced IT consultants. We work carefully with the IT manager to identify the specific needs and provide a blend of support solutions that is right for each Company.  Project Planning and design, as well as hardware & software procurement is also an area where Phoenix Austec can assist.

Managed online back up

Phoenix Austec offers one of the highest quality Online Managed back-up solutions currently available.  With the combination of onsite & offsite storage, the ability to hold data for the selected length of time and 10 minutes increments, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands & always up to date.





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